Academy admissions arrangements

We have reached the time when Academies should begin consulting on any changes they wish to make to their 2013 admission arrangements. Consultation should be carried out in accordance with the guidance on the YPLA website and completed by 1 March 2012.

The proposed draft Admissions Code that the Department for Education (DfE) consulted on earlier this year includes additional freedoms such as:

  • Allowing Academies and free schools to prioritise pupils eligible for the pupil premium; and
  • Allowing the children of staff to have priority for admission.

These are not permitted under the current Admissions Code. If an Academy wishes to introduce them it should consult on this as part of draft changes to their admissions arrangements for 2013 and in doing so must make clear that these will be adopted ‘subject to the draft Code on which DfE consulted in 2011 coming into force’.

In the unlikely event that the new Code is not in force prior to 15 April 2012 (the date by which final admissions arrangements for 2013 must be determined) the Academy would not be able to adopt the proposed new criteria.

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