Publication of school and Academy qualification success rates

The 2009/10 16-19 school and Academy qualification success rates will be published on the YPLA data website on 2 February.

Success rates show, at a headline level, the proportion of young people that start a qualification in an institution and achieve it by the end of the required period of study.

This measure has been used in the FE sector for many years and is considered to be a key indicator of an institution's performance. It is a relatively new measure for schools.

The publication covers schools and Academies who received an allocation from YPLA in 2011/12. It includes:

  • a table containing the success rates for 2008/09 and 2009/10, including the amended success rates
  • a user guide and technical document highlighting the key points from the data, definitions and technical notes.

Please note that these success rates are not directly compatible with the FE success rates released by the Data Service. This is because we use different methodologies used in sourcing the data and calculating the figures.

Information for:

  • Academies
  • School sixth forms

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