National Careers Service launch

The Skills Funding Agency has asked us to alert you that the National Careers Service will be launched in April 2012 and will be available for young people and adults. The service will comprise of a single web address and telephone number which will provide access to online resources and professional guidance on careers, skills and the job market. It will also include a network of public, private and voluntary sector organisations funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to provide face-to-face careers guidance to adults.

Part of the National Careers Service development has been the alignment of the telephone help lines for adults and young people. As a result of this the adult and young people help lines can be accessed under one telephone number (0800 100 900). Young people from the ages of 13 to 19 can get careers advice by contacting the telephone line or by visiting the current Next Step website which has a link to a web chat facility that young people are able to access in addition to the telephone helpline.

The Skills Funding Agency is keen to ensure that young people are aware of the professional careers advice and guidance that is available to them. In light of this we would appreciate if you communicate this information to all organisations that you link with which work with young people. The Skills Funding Agency has also asked that local authorities and schools are aware of the careers support available for young people.

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