2012/13 academic year funding

We are in the process of preparing allocations for 2012/13. This short update is to tell you of the progress we have made.

16-19 providers

We will be placing final 16-19 allocations for 2012/13 on the IM Portal by the end of March. All providers will also be sent an email, confirming that their allocation has been loaded to the portal. The email will confirm contact details to respond to any queries about the allocation.

A guidance note will be placed on our website for colleges and other providers and for schools and Academies.


As reported in e-bulletin issue 42 we are now writing to Academies to provide draft allocations for the 2012/13 Academic Year. These are being sent out as a draft to allow an Academy to review its allocation and raise any queries with us. Thereafter, we expect to send the final allocations for the Academic Year by the beginning of April.

We have set up a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ note on the YPLA website as part of the suite of materials to support Academies in the allocation process and this will be updated on the 9th March to take account of new questions sent through to us during this first stage.

Information for:

  • 16-19 providers
  • Academies

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